old Trac wiki page about Flydra Network Setup

This page was copied from the old Trac wiki page about Flydra and may have suffered some conversion issues.

Network topology


Setup of openssh to allow public key based authentication

It is very handy to setup public-key based authentication – many fewer passwords to type! I can’t find a simple-enough tutorial right now.

(Note that host-based authentication is a real pain to setup.)

Specific to Prosilica cameras

The camera drivers (v 1.14 anyway) seem to have trouble unless the camera is on eth0. Also, they suggest using Intel GigE network adapters for the cameras. If the required port is not coming up as eth0, you can force it in Ubuntu by adjusting the file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

../_images/eth0_props.png ../_images/network_settings.png